Residential Window Cleaning

Windows can accumulate fingerprint smears, streaks, and smudges as well as a buildup of dirt and debris throughout the year. This accumulation interferes with a home’s ambiance, hinders seeing through the windows to the outside, and intensifies condensation buildup.

Relying on do-it-yourself measures to wash, scrub, and buff up your windows can take an entire weekend. Because residential window cleaning in Houston is labor-intensive and time-consuming, you’re better off handing the task over to specialists trained and equipped to do it right.

You may want to spend your weekends in Houston doing something other than cleaning windows. Leave the grueling chore to our window cleaning and pressure washing professionals at Sharp Exterior Cleaning.

Your time is valuable, so be productive and call Sharp Exterior Cleaning to get a free estimate today.

Our Residential Window Cleaning Includes

Residential Window Cleaning Houston TX
  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Windowsills
  • Chandeliers
  • Skylights
  • Solar Panels
  • Mirrors
  • Screens

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Windows

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Appearances matter. This is especially true when you have guests over. Well-maintained windows make visitors feel more welcome and more comfortable. Windows that offer a clear view of the outdoors will brighten your indoor space.

The value of your home significantly increases when windows are properly maintained. If you’re in the market to sell your home, clean windows will attract buyers and show your home has been well cared for.

The window cleaning professionals at Sharp Exterior Cleaning in Houston can help increase your home’s curb appeal.

Extend the Life of Your Windows

As seasons go by, naturally occurring corrosive elements like acid rain, debris, and dirt can stick and cause dead insects to cling to your windows. Frequent window repairs and replacements can accrue and cost a small fortune.

Breathe new life into your windows and spare yourself from unnecessary repair costs. With the high-quality care provided by Sharp Exterior Cleaning specialists, homeowners can rest assured that their windows are professionally cleaned, disinfected, and maintained.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Grime, muck, and weathering can take a toll on your window seals. Fog and condensation can leak through and create conditions with significant health risks. These hazards can expose the inside of your home to dampness that can lead to molds.

Window leaks can increase your power consumption of temperature-controlled appliances like air conditioners or heaters. Prevent these problems by having your windows regularly examined and maintained by our professional team at Sharp Exterior Cleaning.

Why Choose Sharp Exterior Cleaning for Residential Window Cleaning in Houston?


There’s more to residential window cleaning in Houston than wiping the glass and calling it a day. Untrained homeowners tend to miss crucial spots such as inside the window tracks and around the corners.

Specialists from Sharp Exterior Cleaning have years of relevant experience giving us the proper equipment and techniques to clean windows of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Count us to take great care of your windows while you spend time on the things you love.

Professional Equipment

Aside from our skill and expertise, Sharp Exterior Cleaning achieves top-rated cleaning services with the help of our complete stock of high-quality equipment. We have the tools — extension poles, squeegees, ladders, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions — to clean all kinds of homes effectively, from single-story apartments to multi-floor estates and everything in between.


At Sharp Exterior Cleaning, we value your time. Thinking about washing your own windows? Once you factor in purchasing equipment and cleaning solutions, gathering materials such as ladders and hoses, and moving from window to window, that quick side job may not be so quick.

Keep your weekends free for things you love. Make the most of your time and entrust your residential window cleaning needs in Houston to Sharp Exterior Cleaning.


Sharp Exterior Cleaning is committed to excellence and safety. Forget toxic chemicals. And forget climbing on that ladder with soapy water, putting yourself at risk of an accident.

We have the expertise and proper safety equipment, including an assortment of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, to clean a home effectively and efficiently with little risk to homeowners and to our specialists.

Get a Free Quote Today!

For anyone in Houston who wants to make their home’s windows look new again, call Sharp Exterior Cleaning today to receive a free estimate and quote.

Save your time for doing what you love and leave the window cleaning and pressure washing to our highly trained professionals at Sharp Exterior Cleaning in Houston.

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