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Pavers are a smart investment, adding curb appeal to any home. Left unsealed, harsh elements such as sunlight, rains, spills, and tire marks, make them vulnerable to damage.

Damaged pavers hinder curb appeal, lower property value, and cost a small fortune to repair. If your pavers are not maintained properly, these elements can cause irreparable stains and pitting. You will need to remove or replace your pavers to restore curb appeal and home value.

Paver sealing offers protection from destructive elements and lengthens paver lifespan. Sealing saves you from the expensive cost of replacing damaged pavers down the line.

A great way to maintain your pavers is to hire go-to paver sealing experts, Sharp Exterior Cleaning, based in Houston. Committed to excellence, our top-rated paver sealing professionals exceed customer expectations. We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials to deliver impressive results for every service, every time.

Benefits of Paver Sealing

Protects from Staining

Paver sealing can protect your pavers from unnecessary spills and stains that undermine your pavers. Grease, dirt, and oils are especially tough to remove from unsealed pavers. Protect your pavers from these elements before staining occurs and protect your home investment.

Improves Appearance

Wear and tear from harsh elements like UV rays or strong wind and rain can chip away at your pavers, deteriorating color, texture, and brightness. Sealing preserves these important paver qualities. Paver sealing is a small investment with great returns. Bright, colorful, and smooth pavers mean greater curb appeal and improved property values.

Prevents Growth of Weed and Fungi

Paver sealing by our specialists in Houston prevents the growth of weeds and fungi by preventing moisture buildup. Inhibiting weed and fungi growth reduces risk of slippery surfaces. Slip-proof sealed pavers reduce risk of unexpected accidents.


Unsealed pavers can weaken foundations. Water absorption can lead to loosened and shifting pavers, creating an unsafe walkway. Moist areas attract insects. Since seals protect pavers from moisture, they help prevent water absorption and insects from ruining the paver foundation.

Waterproofing your pavers also means protection against stubborn stains caused by mold and algae absorption. Water beads up on sealed pavers preventing risk of these threats.

Easy Maintenance

Paver sealing makes it easy to clean and maintain your pavers. Even if your pavers are exposed to the sun and rain 24/7, seals can prevent cracking and breakage.

Sealing your pavers also protects them from rust. Keep your pavers smooth and flawless by sealing your pavers, whether it is a DIY job or with the help of Sharp Exterior Cleaning experts.

Paver Sealing Houston TX

We Are Your Paver Sealing Experts!

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  • Brick Paver Sealing
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Sidewalk Sealing
  • Commercial Sealing
  • Patio Sealing
  • Pool Deck Sealing

Our Paver Sealing Process


Step 1

Our paver sealing Houston experts clean pavers using commercial-grade cleaning solutions. Say goodbye to weeds, mold, dirt, stains, and other unsightly marks with Sharp Exterior Cleaning. The result will be sparkling, brand-new looking pavers.


Step 2

The team of experts at Sharp Exterior Cleaning will re-sand pavers to reduce moving and settling, improving their overall stability. Re-sanding inhibits weed growth and prevents debris from collecting between the paver joints.


Step 3

Sharp Exterior Cleaning applies a safe, two-part sealant to enhance overall paver appearance. This sealant makes paver color brighter and more vibrant, and the pavers will look glossy in no time.

Why Choose Us?

Fast 1-Day Process

Sharp Exterior Cleaning is known for its prompt and excellent customer service. Depending on your property's size and weather conditions, we can bring you an estimate in as short as one day. We strive to complete each job within one day of scheduled date, depending on the size of the property and the weather.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sharp Exterior Cleaning makes customer satisfaction a priority and ensures that the job is 100% according to your specifications. Your job is complete only when you are satisfied. We guarantee it.

State-of-the-Art Sealing Technology

By hiring paver sealing specialists from Sharp Exterior Cleaning in Houston, you are leaving your pavers in good hands. Sharp Exterior Cleaning uses safe sealants from reliable manufacturers and the best proprietary equipment and materials that make our work hazard free and yield excellent results for each installation.

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On top of delivering vibrant and new-looking pavers, Sharp Exterior Cleaning offers free estimates and quotes for your paver sealing needs. We are the go-to experts for power washing services in Houston.

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