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Decks are one of the resting places in many residential properties. People love to spend time with family and friends, enjoying their surroundings from the deck. It’s imperative to keep your decks clean.

Fences make a good or bad impression of your home. A worn, tired fence makes your home look shabby. A well-kept fence is a visually attractive addition to your home. Cleaning your fence regularly is essential for improving your home’s curb appeal and promoting the value of your home and neighborhood.

At Sharp Exterior Cleaning, we offer professional deck and fence restoration service to the residents of Houston, Texas. We’re a family-owned and operated company, with equipment and expertise to make your deck and fence the envy of your neighbors.

Deck & Fence Restoration Houston TX

Why Use Professional Deck Restoration Services?

Deck & Fence Restoration Houston TX

Deck damage is inevitable due to its outside location and exposure to high foot traffic. The original stain on the deck’s surface fades over time, and you’ll need to re-stain it.

Before staining your deck, you’ll need professional pressure washing services to eliminate any debris that would otherwise get trapped under the stain. Debris prevents stain from properly adhering to the wooden deck surface.

The intensity of the sun’s UV rays can lead to discoloration of wooden deck surfaces. UV rays remove the wood’s natural resins, making the wood dry, brittle, and gray.

Rain and moisture can also be harmful to your deck. The constant exposure of the wooden surface to rain and moisture results in mold, mildew, and algae. If left unattended, these things not only give your deck an unsightly green color but also make it slippery and unsafe.

Professional deck cleaning and restoration services can help keep your deck clean and beautiful for years. Regular cleaning keeps your deck free from mold, mildew, and algae, ensuring it stays dry and safe. If you don’t re-stain your deck regularly, the wood may begin to deteriorate and eventually rot away.

This means you’ll need to spend a fortune on replacing the worn components or on rebuilding the entire deck. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to re-stain your deck at least every two years.

Deck & Fence Restoration Houston TX

Why You Need Professional Fence Restoration

It’s possible to purchase or rent a pressure washer and clean your own fence. But operating a pressure washer takes a lot of skill and energy. And getting those hard-to-reach places can be a chore. Without the right experience, cleaning and restoring your fence can take days.

A common mistake that homeowners make is using an excessive amount of pressure, which causes splintering and other damage to wooden fences leading to expensive repair or replacement costs. By hiring a professional fence restoration service, you can spend your time and energy on other tasks and still get an attractive fence.

Professional fence cleaners use soft wash techniques, which protect your fence from any further damage. Regular, professional pressure washing helps preserve wooden railings and posts, which extends their lifespan.

Mold, mildew, and algae can attack wood fence railings and posts over time, making them weak and vulnerable to insects. Regular cleanings are crucial in preventing damage caused by these elements.

Another major enemy of your fence is the sun’s UV rays, which can discolor and give your fence an unsightly gray color. Professional fence cleaning and restoration can help restore the beauty of your fence.

Wood Restoration Houston TX

Call Sharp Exterior Cleaning for Deck and Fence Restoration in Houston

Carrying out fence cleaning and restoration yourself may not always produce satisfying results. To preserve the beauty and value of your deck and fence, it’s important to place your fence cleaning and restoration needs in the hands of professionals.

You should call Sharp Exterior Cleaning instead. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure your deck and fence will turn out clean and in beautiful condition. Contact us today for a free estimate and quote for power washing in Houston

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