Commercial Window Cleaning

The condition of storefronts, offices, and commercial buildings make an important first and lasting impression. Dirty windows can impact employee production. Dirty windows can also impact whether a potential customer enters your business or fills their needs elsewhere.

Having your in-house staff clean your windows would take valuable time away from your growing business. Whether it’s manning the cash register or assisting customers, your employees are needed for specific tasks for business success.

Property owners in Texas can stand to benefit their customers and their employees by hiring commercial window cleaning services in Houston. Let go-to experts, Sharp Exterior Cleaning, do the dirty work while your staff devotes their productive time to growing your business.

Our team of cleaning experts is trained and well-equipped to keep your windows squeaky clean. Call Sharp Exterior Cleaning today for a free estimate.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Includes:

  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Storefronts
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • HOAs and Condominiums
  • Strip Malls
  • Dealerships

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Windows

Increase Your Store’s Curb Appeal

Your windows are a preview to the main attraction. Other than your business signage, your windows are the first thing potential customers see.

For commercial buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows, the tiniest speck of dirt can ruin an entire store’s appeal. First impressions last, so leaving window cleaning to the professionals will go a long way in making your store look its best.

Extend the Life of Your Windows

Commercial window cleaning specialists in Houston understand that your windows aren’t just for your customers; they’re also for you. Keeping your windows well maintained will save you costly repairs and replacements.

Natural contaminants like debris, acidic rainwater, dirt, dust, and the occasional scuffing are a threat to your window’s lifespan. With professional maintenance provided by Sharp Exterior Cleaning specialists, you can rest assured that your windows will last longer and need fewer repairs.

Increase Your Store’s Energy Efficiency

Your window seal is vulnerable to naturally occurring elements. Fog, rain leaks, and condensation can cause mold growth and attract insects. These elements can compromise window seals leading to increased power consumption and higher energy costs.

Save energy. Have Sharp Exterior Cleaning annually inspect and clean your windows to remove built-up grime, mold, and dead bugs.

Why Choose Sharp Exterior Cleaning for Commercial Window Cleaning in Houston


Your windows need regular cleaning if you want them to look their best and endure time’s wear and tear. Sharp Exterior Cleaning provides high-quality service thanks to our years of experience and specialized knowledge. We clean windows using the appropriate professional equipment and techniques for all sizes, shapes, and materials.

Professional Equipment

The best commercial window cleaning service in Houston utilizes the finest and most up-to-date equipment. At Sharp Exterior Cleaning, we take pride in cleaning windows using cutting-edge tools that can service any level of business establishment — be it single-office buildings or towering skyscrapers.

We apply eco-friendly solutions with the aid of extension poles, ladders, and squeegees. Our arsenal includes everything to get things done quickly and efficiently, at no cost to the environment.


Your time is valuable. Your employees’ time is valuable. Time they spend cleaning your windows is time better spent on improving other areas of your business. Free up your valuable time. And keep your staff focused on growing your business by entrusting your window cleaning to the professionals from Sharp Exterior Cleaning.


Commercial window cleaning in Houston, Texas, is a specialist enterprise. Many property owners put themselves and their employees at risk by following the DIY method or by hiring non-professionals. This is especially true for larger establishments, like business complexes and high-rise condominiums.

Think twice before having a non-professional clean your windows as this may spell disaster and liability. The right cleaners need the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right without endangering anyone.

At Sharp Exterior Cleaning, we value your safety above anything else. Reach out to us and keep the accidents and damages away from you and others.

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For property owners in Houston, get a step ahead of your competition by protecting your assets and keeping your buildings spick and span. Sharp Exterior Cleaning will make your commercial building windows look new again.

Sharp Exterior Cleaning gives free quotes and estimates. Get in touch for your window cleaning needs with one of our specialists from the go-to experts at Sharp Exterior Cleaning today.  

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